Your writing weekend

Greg Tome has sent us another crossword and answers to the last.

The answers are at Etymology exercise archive and new crossword is at Etymology exercise.

Anything members submit to the private, members only, password protected part of our FAWSH web site is not considered to be “published”.

In general, “published” means “made publicly available for distribution or sale”, which this is not.

[Thanks to Pamela Waugh for finding this information.]

Success and more

In the absence of our hard copy success book, members need to keep Uta up to date with their literary successes.

And in the meantime, the success book for 2020 is now online at, wait for it, Success book.

Lorraine James and Uta Purcell have started our page for prose writers.

Their contributions can be found at Prose from members.

Three FAWSH poets have now contributed to our Poetry page.

See them via Poetry.

Mid-week update

Our next writer for the FAWSH chain story is Ingrid McCulloch. We need more volunteers to carry on from Ingrid. The story so far is at FAWSH chain story.

Also there is now a new page for our prose writers feeling starved of our regular monthly meeting. Send your contribution to Uta and it will by some magic appear at Prose from members.

Don’t forget Greg Tome’s crossword for April which can be accessed via Etymology exercise.

And our poets can send their work to Uta also. The poetry page is called, unsurprisingly, Poetry. Send your work in soon.


Crossword and chain story

Greg has sent us a new etymology crossword for us to work on.

You can find it, and other exercises, via Etymology exercise.

The answers will appear there in due course.


Chain story
Uta has added her contribution to our chain story.

Read where we’re up to now at FAWSH chain story.

This means we’re again looking for volunteers to add a few hundred words.

Volunteer to Uta and she and Greg Baker will let you know when you are to add your contribution.

Where we’re at

We’re looking for more volunteers to add a few hundred words to our chain story which is slowly growing.

Check it out at FAWSH chain story.

Remember that you only have to write a few hundred words to continue the story line; the story line is for you to make up.

You could paint the next writer into a corner, I guess, by killing the main character. But that wouldn’t be quite into the spirit of the thing. Anyway, see how you go.

Volunteer to Uta and she and Greg Baker will let you know when you are to add your contribution.

100-word exercise
Nellie has sent in two contributions to our growing 100-word exercise page. Check them out at 100-word exercise.

We’re still looking for people brave enough to submit their 250-word autobiography.

They will appear at Our autobiographies.

We’re also looking for contributions to our new Writers’ fun web page. Check out the first entry there now.

A bit of fun during lockdown

Even in the time of COVID-19 and isolation we’re all still busy with many things.

Writing is no doubt part of that, but if you need some prompts, you could try some or all of the following.

We need FAWSH members to volunteer to contribute to a chain short story.

President Greg Baker will start with a few hundred words of the story, then volunteers enlarge the story by adding their own few hundred words.

The story may or may not have anything to do with the lockdown and COVID-19.

As Wikipedia has it, “no one knows what happens next except the next person to add to the story”. [Check out Wikipedia’s entry Chain novel.]

Over time, and this may take some time [but hey, we have plenty of time, don’t we?], this endeavour will grow into a joint effort by all of us.

It should be great fun.

Members can volunteer by email to Uta Purcell; your contribution to the chain story will be in order of receipt of your expression of interest.

The growing story will be at [the prosaically titled] FAWSH chain story.

We can give our chain story a title when we’re finished.

Greg’s first few hundred words are at FAWSH chain story now.

Write and submit your 250-word autobiography. They will appear at Our autobiographies.

A tough assignment for people of our age!

Maybe now is the time for our poets to send in some of their work.

Contributions will appear at Poetry.

There is still room [there’s lots of room] and time to submit entries for our

We’re also looking for contributions to our new Writers’ fun web page. Check out the first entry there now.

Check out the latest and more

Writing and reading
We now have eight entries published for our latest 100-word exercise and two for what members are reading.

Check them out at 100-word exercise and What have you been reading?

Open University has advertised a fiction writing course; it is free for the ten-week version and may well be worth a look. Anyone chasing this may be able to relay their experience back to the group. Check it out at Start writing fiction.

If you have any grammatical or usage bugbears send them to Uta and they will magically appear at Grammar and other writing bugbears.